With the Hai Kun submarine, Taiwan achieves more than one feat to face the threat from Beijing

HAi Kun launch Defense News

The launch of the Hai Kun (Narval) submarine, the first Taiwanese-made submarine, gave rise to a national-scale ceremony in the presence of President Tsai Ing-wen, who underlined its exceptional nature by declaring that this project was still considered impossible to achieve, there is no…

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Will China's Shenlong spaceplane serve as an ASAT anti-satellite system?

Shenlongue space plane China Defense News

On August 26, 2022, a Long March 2F rocket put China's Shenlong spaceplane into orbit, for a mission that will last 276 days. This demonstration of force by the Chinese space industry represented a response from Beijing to the orbital flight of more than 900 days carried out by the Boeing space plane...

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Half of the fighter planes in Europe will have been built by Lockheed-Martin in 2035.

F35 Italian e1679674959472 Defense News

With the announcement of an upcoming order for 48 F-35A fighter jets by Romania, Lockheed-Martin secures a dominant position within European fighter fleets by 2035, when it will equip more than three quarters of the air forces of the old continent at that date. This appetite of the air forces…

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Is the French army facing a cataclysm with the withdrawal from Africa?

Army Africa Defense News

The withdrawal from Niger and French disengagement in Africa sounds like a wake-up call for an Army hitherto entirely focused on power projection and external operations. What are the foreseeable or necessary consequences on its organization, as well as on its major current equipment programs,…

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NATO air forces are increasing the number of exercises to disperse their fighter fleet.

Typhoon RAF Baan 23 Finland Defense News

With the return of the risk of major conflict, including in Europe, NATO air forces are resuming dispersal exercises for their fighter fleet, in order to respond to the threat of ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and attack drones at long range, on military airfields in…

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Like FCAS, MGCS is once again becoming the political program it should never have stopped being

mgcs illustration rheinmetall Defense News

For several months, the future of the Franco-German Main Ground Combat System, or MGCS, program was portrayed very darkly on both sides of the Rhine. It was not only a question of press extrapolations tinged with a certain rivalry between the two countries and their defense industries, but also of serious reservations expressed...

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Arms delivery to Ukraine: Poland is dry, symptom of a large-scale phenomenon to come.

T72M1 Czech Republic Ukraine e1649262609833 Defense News

Since the beginning of Russian aggression, Poland had been at the forefront of supplying arms to Ukraine. In a year and a half, Warsaw has delivered more than 300 T-72, PT-91 and Leopard 2A4 tanks, as well as 14 Mig-29s and numerous armored vehicles and munitions of all…

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Will SSN-AUKUS have the skin of future Australian F-35As?

F 35A Australia Defense News

For two years, and the official announcement of the AUKUS alliance bringing together Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, then of the SSN-AUKUS joint nuclear attack submarine program, the Australian authorities have been evolving, so to speak, in a state close to schizophrenia regarding the country's military programming. On the one hand, are they rave and...

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