Are European defense programs at the right technological pace?

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While the 3 major world military powers, the United States, China and Russia, seem to have entered a new technological arms race, European industries remain engaged in programs whose timetable seems to be out of sync with the technological tempo given by these superpowers. However, if counter-programming…

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Huawei affair: update on the China-US standoff and its consequences for Defense

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After first issuing a presidential decree to prohibit the purchase by American companies of technologies developed by Huawei, the American Department of Commerce finally grants a 3-month reprieve to the Chinese manufacturer. On the surface, these changes of course may have suggested that the American government was sailing at…

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Belgium and the Netherlands formalize the order for 12 mine warfare vessels from the Naval Group / ECA consortium

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After validation by their respective parliaments, Belgium and the Netherlands have officially notified the consortium formed by the French Naval Group and the Belgian ECA of the order for 6 new generation mine hunters for the Royal Belgian Navy, and as many for the Navy Royal Dutch, accompanied by a…

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The Tornado-S Multiple Rocket Launcher equips a first Russian brigade

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Heir to the Red Army, the Russian army has retained a certain appetite for artillery systems. Not only does it have much more than its Western counterparts, with a mobile artillery system for 120 men, one for 500 on average in NATO, but it is also developing numerous systems so…

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The XQ-58 Valkyrie combat drone could quickly support the American F35 and F15XE

American XQ58A combat drone prototype Archives

According to the Pentagon's director of major acquisitions, the US Air Force could acquire the XQ-58 Valkyrie combat drone to accompany the F35 and F15XE combat aircraft during dangerous missions. Designed to be able to accompany fighter planes, with supersonic speed, a range exceeding…

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