With the Type 054B, the Chinese Navy will acquire one of the most modern frigates of the moment

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Recent pictures following the construction of the first of the Chinese Navy's new Type 054B frigates suggested an imminent launch. It is now done, the first photos of the ship at its quay having started to circulate on Sunday August 27th. Long awaited, because announced since 2017, the new…

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The People's Liberation Army is preparing, within 4 years, to take advantage of the United States, according to Admiral Aquilino

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The People's Liberation Army can attack Taiwan by 2027! This sentence, uttered by Admiral Phil Davidson in March 2021 when he commanded the US Indo-Pacific Command, the most important American command, had the effect of a bombshell at the Pentagon, as well as at the White House and the Congress. According to the general officer, the trajectory followed,…

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After tanks, South Korean defense shipbuilding will sweep across Europe

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The South Korean shipbuilding giant, Hanwha Ocean, has just announced a $1,5 billion investment strategy to position itself in a global market that is currently dominated by Europeans. In 2012, South Korean defense equipment exports peaked at $2,3 billion for only 7 customers, including Turkey…

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