What are the differences between Classic and Premium subscriptions?

Site subscriptions meta-defense.fr are of two types, each being proposed according to two specific temporalities, weekly and annual.

Subscription Classic gives access to articles published over the last 24 months, without advertising, as well as the possibility of leaving a comment. It cannot be subscribe only online, and is rreserved for a particular use.

Subscription Premium is reserved for professionals. It provides access to all articles published on Meta-Defense.fr, archives included, without advertising. It also allows it to be used in a shared manner on several workstations, in the case, for example, of a Bookcases or Documentation center.

Each Premium subscription offers the company which subscribed to it the possibility of broadcasting, free of charge, two press releases or job offers each month, in the Partners section. These press releases/job offers will be distributed on all media Meta-defense.fr, including social networks and notification/newsletter services.

What are the ways to subscribe?

subscriptions Classic, Student and Premium Monthly are subscribed must be filed online on the URL: https://meta-defense.fr/register/ . To subscribe, simply complete the registration form, then choose the payment platform (Paypal or Stripe), and finally enter the payment information.

Subscription Annual premium can be subscribed online or purchase order with payment by bank transfer. To subscribe in this way, please contact support at metadefense.fr@gmail.com.

How to use a discount code?

During promotions, or a commercial gesture, it is possible to use a reduction code provided by Meta-defense.fr, to take out a subscription. The discount code must be entered in the “discount voucher” box on the registration form. They are only valid for subscriptions taken out online.

Unless otherwise stated, the discount is only applied when subscribing of the subscription, and can only be applied to subscriptions identified in the explanatory text presenting the discount voucher. Discount codes have a period of validity, and can only be used to take out a new subscription, during this period.

What information does Meta-defense keep during my subscription?

Meta-defense.fr stores certain information necessary for the proper functioning of your subscription. These are the information entered in the form subscription, as well as your IP adress.

On the other hand, payment information, in particular concerning bank cards, remains unknown to Meta-Defense.fr, and are recorded and stored exclusively through our payment partners Stripe and Paypal. All information related to your subscription is deleted within 21 days having followed the end of it.

How long is a subscription and how do I cancel the automatic renewal of my subscription?

By default, subscriptions are taken out without limitation of duration, with a recurring subscription according to the frequency chosen when subscribing. It is possible to cancel automatic renewal from the My Account page. Your subscription will end at the end of the subscribed period, and will not be renewed.

How to change subscription plan?

It is possible to change your subscription plan either once the subscription expires or before the anniversary date. Subscribing to a new subscription results in overwriting the current subscription, even if it has not come to an end. It is possible to use a new reduction code for subscribing to a new plan, with the constraints previously mentioned.

How do I update my credit card information to remain subscribed?

You can change your payment method information directly from the page « my account“. If your account is not automatically reactivated after 15 minutes, contact us at metadefense.fr@gmail.com, for which we manually reactivate your account.

How do I end my subscription?

All subscriptions to Meta-défense.fr are recurring by tacit agreement. You can, however, cancel your subscription at any time. For that, go to the page my account once connected. If you are using a smartphone, we recommend that you put it in a horizontal position (Landscape), to make the cancel button appear.

The cancellation of the subscription is effective immediately, and will be confirmed to you by return email. Your current subscription will remain active until its anniversary date, but will not be renewed.

Usage problems and difficulties

Despite my subscription, I still see the subscription panel which hides the article

Subscribers may sometimes encounter difficulty accessing articles. This is most often a problem of session overlap, or cache of the browser used. In both cases, it is appropriate to clear your browser's recent history, to solve the problem.

I am not receiving emails from Meta-Defense.fr

If you do not receive automatic emails from the site meta-defense.fr, two possibilities are most often in question. Sometimes emails are classified into unwanted messages, or SPAM, by the courier service. These messages should then be moved to the main mailbox, to indicate to the service that it is not SPAM. You can also identify Meta-Defense.fr as a safe site.

It also sometimes happens that the address entered during subscription has been misspelled. If you manage to log in, simply go to the “ my account", and modify the email address with the desired spelling. If you are unable to log in, contact support with the old and new email addresses. We will make this change for you.

Use of the site

How to leave a comment on articles?

The possibility of leaving a comment on an article is reserved for subscribers only with a Classic or Premium subscription. Comments are moderated, and Meta-Defense.fr reserves the right to refuse to publish a comment which does not meet the requirements of theme, cordiality, tone and interest of the site. Comments are the responsibility of their authors.

How to subscribe to the newsletter?

Meta-defense.fr has a Information letter automatic, daily and weekly, in French. To subscribe to one or the other, go to the page “ newsletter subscription"

Can I submit an article for publication on Meta-Defense?

Meta-defense.fr accepts guest articles, only if they deal with defense matters, and that they comply to the editorial line of the service. For more information, please visit the page Publish on meta-defense.fr.

Why did you delete the IOS/Android application Meta-Defense.fr ?

The IOS/Android Meta-defense application has not been updated for several months, and will be deleted soon, due to certain constraints imposed by the Stores. The site has however been migrated to a New version " responsive«  making its consultation on mobile, smartphone and tablet as quick and intuitive as an application. The daily newsletter allows you to be informed of the publication of new articles.

How to contact Meta-defense.fr ?

Support can be accessed at metadefense.fr@gmail.com