KF51 Panther: Hungary boards the program, but not the tank

KF 51 Panther e1679568415236 Geopolitics - Strategy - doctrine

According to Armin Papperger, CEO of Rheinmetall, Hungary will board the KF51 Panther program, financing the adaptation of its industrial tools to be able to produce a new German tank. However, Budapest has not announced its intention to acquire the armored vehicle. How can this strange Hungarian position be explained?…

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SSN-AUKUS: London invests £4 billion in the design of its future nuclear attack submarine

AStute class launch shipyard Geopolitics - Strategy - doctrine

The British Ministry of Defense announced, as part of the SSN-AUKUS program, the signing of £4 billion in contracts with several major manufacturers, for the design of the future replacement for the Astute-class nuclear attack submarines, as well as the adaptation of industrial infrastructure to produce future submarines.…

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Abrams M1E3, Leopard 2AX: can the French EMBT take part in the ongoing reboot of Western tanks?

IMG 0268 e1655214195496 Geopolitics - Strategy - doctrine

Rather than developing a new battle tank, the US Army announced a few weeks ago that it was moving towards a radical evolution of its M1 Abrams, to give birth to the M1E3 Abrams by the end of the decade. Like Germany and its Leopard 2AX,…

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With the Multi Role Support Ship, the British and Dutch design the assault helicopter-carrying cruiser

IMG 0595 Geopolitics - Strategy - doctrine

Last June, the British and Dutch announced that they had committed to jointly developing the Multi Role Support Ship. Halfway between the LPD assault helicopter carrier and the large logistical support ship, the MRSS was then presented as a building close to certain existing classes, such as the San Antonio of the US…

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Swiss F-35 program: French-speaking industrialists are growing impatient

f35 snow scaled 1 e1688051580896 Geopolitics - Strategy - doctrine

French-speaking Swiss industrialists who were to benefit from the compensatory measures associated with the Swiss F-35 program for the Swiss air forces, are now speaking out to express their concern, even their annoyance and discouragement, in the face of the obvious lack of progress in this area. , one year after signing…

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With the Hai Kun submarine, Taiwan achieves more than one feat to face the threat from Beijing

HAi Kun launch Geopolitics - Strategy - doctrine

The launch of the Hai Kun (Narval) submarine, the first Taiwanese-made submarine, gave rise to a national-scale ceremony in the presence of President Tsai Ing-wen, who underlined its exceptional nature by declaring that this project was still considered impossible to achieve, there is no…

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The French defense industry is testing its new commercial doctrine in Ukraine

Arquus factory e1635423932560 Geopolitics - Strategy - doctrine

A delegation from the French Defense Industry traveled to Kyiv to negotiate several contracts, including in the form of partnerships with local production, in order to support the Ukrainian war effort. Although many obstacles remain, this is nevertheless a new demonstration of the paradigm shift undertaken by Paris...

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Will China's Shenlong spaceplane serve as an ASAT anti-satellite system?

Space plane shenlongue china Geopolitics - Strategy - doctrine

On August 26, 2022, a Long March 2F rocket put China's Shenlong spaceplane into orbit, for a mission that will last 276 days. This demonstration of force by the Chinese space industry represented a response from Beijing to the orbital flight of more than 900 days carried out by the Boeing space plane...

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The Czech Republic will order 24 F-35As to replace its JAS 39 Gripen from 2029.

F35A Geopolitics - Strategy - doctrine

The Czech government announced that it had validated the future order for 24 F-35A Lightning 2 aircraft from the American Lockheed-Martin, in order to replace, from the end of the decade, the 12 JAS 39C Gripen, and 2 JAS 39D in two-seater version training facilities, rented from Sweden since 2005. Happy week…

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Half of the fighter planes in Europe will have been built by Lockheed-Martin in 2035.

F35 Italian e1679674959472 Geopolitics - Strategy - doctrine

With the announcement of an upcoming order for 48 F-35A fighter jets by Romania, Lockheed-Martin secures a dominant position within European fighter fleets by 2035, when it will equip more than three quarters of the air forces of the old continent at that date. This appetite of the air forces…

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