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With 2.5 million page views each month, and 700,000 unique visitors, is one of the largest French-speaking defense information sites. You too can publish your articles on, using 2 distinct methods:

Publish guest articles on

Identified as such, they allow certain non-recurring authors to publish on analyzes and comments on themes related to the editorial line of the site.

Guest articles are signed (the authors are identified), they are published in full version in the article feed of the site, and are therefore also published on social networks and to notification feeds (application, newsletter, notification, browser web, RSS feed).

The article must be published exclusively on Meta-défense, and the author(s) authorize the site to keep it for a period of at least three months in its public archives.

Whatever the audience recorded, no remuneration or rights can be claimed by the author of the article. However, this one receives a one-year Premium subscription renewed with each publication.

Invited authors must meet criteria of objectivity and independence, particularly with regard to armies and defense industries. Where applicable, it is however possible for these entities to publish on this site, by submitting sponsored articles .

Articles from journalists or freelance authors offers the possibility to specialized journalists, defense and authors of articles to publish their articles and analyzes on the site against a fixed fee previously established.

We are particularly looking for defense authors outside France to obtain first-hand information in different countries/regions, as well as specialized analyzes on particular subjects such as electronic and cyber warfare, military space, quantum technologies, new systems information and communication of the armies etc.

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