LERITY presents the latest model in its CAT EYE range, range 20 km in total night

Press release of January 31, 2023

LERITY, designer and manufacturer, recognized specialist in the field of innovative high-tech vision systems, is launching its "CAT EYE XLR" in 2023, the latest addition to the "CAT EYE" range. A system dedicated to very long range day/night surveillance, it combines a very low light level capacity (extended visible spectrum) with an active imaging function. Equipped with a 200 W laser illuminator, it offers exceptional identification capacity, up to 20 km in the middle of the night.

CAT EYE XLR records scenes in real time, not only in total night but also in adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, etc.); Unique on the market, this vision system is mounted on a gyrostabilized turret with a class 1 laser rangefinder (Eye-Safe). It allows continuous, 360° surveillance, as well as the acquisition and tracking of multiple targets.

CAT EYE XLR can be deployed along the coast, in ports, semaphores and lookouts for maritime surveillance. It also applies to borders and performs critical infrastructure protection missions (oil and gas installations, nuclear parks, military or government complexes, etc.). CAT EYE XLR provides autonomously: Detection, Recognition & Identification.

CAT EYE XLR, compliant with MIL-STD standards, benefits from the support of the French forces.

To know more : https://www.lerity-alcen.com/products/active-system/cat-eye-system-xl

To view our video on CAT EYE XLR (in English) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTph0ALry9g


Since 1981, LERITY (formerly LHERITIER, a French SME) has been developing, manufacturing and marketing optronic systems for Defense and Security applications. The company has established itself as a benchmark for innovation in low light levels on the visible spectrum, thanks to the development of image enhancement algorithms for the real-time processing of images from sensors the most advanced on the market.

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