Simulations show that drone swarms would be a solution to defend Taiwan

If support for Ukraine is at the heart of the strategic concerns of the American executive, it is the defense of Taiwan which, for several years, has given nightmares to the strategists and planners of the American armed forces. Indeed, most simulations and wargames made in recent years show that protecting the independent island since 1949 from an assault […]

General Atomics introduces the lightweight Eaglet airborne drone intended for high intensity

Since the entry into service of the first MALE MQ-1 Predator drone in the US Air Force in 1995, the role of these aircraft piloted from the ground and equipped with an autonomy of more than 24 hours has not stopped growing. in world armies. Now, most of the world's major armies are implementing this […]

The Czech Republic negotiates the acquisition of 50 Leopard 2A7+ heavy tanks

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, the Czech Republic has been one of the countries most involved in providing military support to Ukrainian fighters. Despite a reduced armed force of only 25.000 soldiers and reservists, and a defense budget capped at €4 billion per year, Prague did not hesitate to transfer […]

DARPA Launches Ekranoplan Liberty Lifter Program for Strategic Lift

Among the most important American successes of the Second World War in the industrial field, it is common to refer to combat aircraft such as the P-51 Mustang or the F-6F Hellcat, to the Sherman tank or to the aircraft carriers of the Wasp class. However, the equipment that will undoubtedly have played the most […]

The US Navy funds a drone program with a range of more than a week

Among the lessons learned from the Ukraine war, the preponderant role of reconnaissance drones in the conduct of military operations probably represents, if not the greatest surprise, in any case the most obvious confirmation of the transformations that are now taking place in the field. high-intensity military action. The success of armies […]

Visiting the Capitol, the Greek Prime Minister wants to acquire the F-35 and warns against Turkey

Since the beginning of the 70s, ie even before its accession to the European Union (1981), Athens has always pursued a balanced strategy of equipping its air forces, relying simultaneously on American and French aircraft. In the 70s and 80s, the Mirage F1 evolved under blue and white cockade alongside the F4 Phantom […]

After Belgium, Colombia is preparing to order the CAESAR mounted cannon from French Nexter

Since entering service in 2008, the Canon Equipped with a Nexter Artillery System, or CAESAR, has met with significant operational and commercial success. Successfully employed by French gunners in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Mali, and by its international users in Cambodia (Thailand) and Yemen (Saudi Arabia), the […]

India suspends order for 10 Russian Ka-31 naval helicopters

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, it is common to read that Russia is unanimously against it in the world, with the exception of a few satellite dictatorships, such as Syria or Venezuela. While it is true that during the votes at the United Nations, a majority of countries supported the motions against Moscow, […]

Taiwan is also developing a new fighter inspired by the American F-35

Whether you like Lockheed Martin's F-35 Lighting II stealth fighter or not, it is clear that the American aircraft has inspired many programs around the world since it entered service. We already knew the South Korean K-FX program with the KF-21 Boramae presented last year, the Turkish TF-X program which today is meeting significant […]

A new model of nuclear attack submarine identified in China

While all media attention is now focused on developments in the conflict in Ukraine, the other theaters of operation and potential confrontation continue to evolve. This is particularly the case in Asia and in the Indo-Pacific theater, as announcements follow one another concerning the development of new capabilities in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and […]