F-35A, Su-75, FC-31..: which fighter will replace the F-16 of the United Arab Emirates?

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In September 2020, against the backdrop of a historic agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, US President Donald Trump announced the acquisition by Abu Dhabi of Reaper drones, but also of EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft and above all of 50 next-generation F-35A fighters, a first in the Middle East. Despite…

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Faced with NATO, Vladimir Putin announces the strengthening of the Russian nuclear triad

Armat missile

On February 21, 2022, after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the suspension of the New Start treaty, we wrote that this decision paved the way for a future rise in power of the Russian nuclear triad, the latter being today the only asset remaining in the hands of the head of the Kremlin,…

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How can the evolution of the doctrine of possession of equipment make it possible to extend the format of the armies?

burst TBA

While the format of armies will remain unchanged in the next LPM for budgetary reasons, a new model for possessing defense equipment would potentially respond to future challenges. At the end of the 60s and the beginnings of on-board electronic systems, military equipment experienced a…

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