Between ambition and disappointment: the new French Military Programming Law under constraints

DassaultAviation RAfale PAtrouille e1655993090108

After several months of official declarations, more or less deliberate leaks and speculation, the new French Military Programming Law was unveiled yesterday. This will govern the French defense effort between 2024 and 2030, whether it concerns the budget devoted by the State to the mission, but also the objectives…

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Is the defense industry the weak link in the Western military posture?

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For a majority of Westerners in Europe, Asia and North America, the Western defense industry represents a considerable asset in the hands of the military and leaders. This perception was forged in the late 1980s and early 1990s, notably with the demonstration of force…

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Will the Rafale be the heir of the Mirage III for the future of the French aeronautical industry?

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Fast, agile, powerful and well-armed, the ancestor of the Rafale , the Mirage III is undoubtedly a legend of military fighter aviation in the world. In the hands of Israeli pilots, Dassault Aviation's single-engine delta-wing fighter won against Arab MiGs and Hunters during the…

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