The United States is pushing hard to “take out” the Swedish Gripen from competition in the Philippines.

Gripen E fires first missile e1681561183689 Defense Analysis | Fighter aircraft | Military aircraft construction

Will Sweden experience the same disappointment as that of France when the Swiss authorities turned to the F-35A to the detriment of the Rafale , while all the information gave the French aircraft the winner of the competition? It's possible. Indeed, until recently, the single-jet fighter…

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New tank from the Franco-German MGCS program can no longer be delivered in 2035, says Bundeswehr report

MGCS Konzept 130 mm Turm ohne BEsatzung 211361 1 Rheinmetall Analyzes Defense | Fighter aircraft | Military aircraft construction

Sometimes providence does things well. This is essentially what German manufacturers involved in the production of battle tanks must be thinking today, while according to a Bundeswehr report, the initial objective for a first delivery of the new battle tank resulting from the program Franco-German…

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